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Our methodology for designing service for any business client is to listen to the requirements, analyse the outcomes, propose a solution and implement swiftly and carefully the agreed solution.

We have a proven track record in the small to medium corporate marketplace having worked on many projects and facilitated the financial, commercial and technical requirements for a number of scenarios. Our reputation is based on our delivery of best practice, best value and best service to the sector, with many clients choosing to work with us in long term partnerships.

As a result of our approach to providing the best possible IT services available, we have many long-standing business client relationships that are ongoing.

Chris Rogers
Founder and Principal

Chris has many years of experience in the IT industry and working for several medium to large-sized companies.  He identified there was a need for a Managed Service Provider for small & medium-sized businesses in the area. 


In 2014, Rogers & Associates Business Consulting Inc. was established.  He brings a strong understanding of both the IT technical perspective, as well as a business understanding of the issues and problems this sector faces.  His driving goal is to ensure that RABC provides the best possible service to its clients.

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Darren Taylor
Senior Network Architect

Darren has worked in various technical roles for 17+ years, as a solutions-oriented technical support consultant with notable success in planning, design, and implementation of security and network systems in direct support of business objectives.

He implements innovative systems and security policies that drive awareness, decrease exposure and strengthen organizations, and provides hands-on experience with system development efforts including design, architecture, testing and support.

Darren is an excellent communicator with great technical ability, and effective troubleshooting approach and clarity of thought which makes working with him uncomplicated and pleasurable. 

Logan Rogers
Administration & Support

Logan provides the ongoing day-to-day administrative work for RABC. He also acts as a key contact point for our clients on the sales & technical support services, and brings years of experience to this position.


In the support services area, he focuses on workstation and Microsoft 365 support, while managing flow of new support requests being submitted by our clients to ensure the proper technician is assigned in an effective and timely manner.

Craig Stewart
Network Architect & Support

Craig brings 20+ years of experience in IT, and provides a complete knowledge of everything network & security related. His work career has included an involvement in all things networking, with an in-depth knowledge of Cisco products, as well as a key player in the security design and implementation efforts for several larger business clients.


His primary focus is on new client network design and implementation efforts, as well as providing ongoing technical support efforts for existing clients.






Monday - Friday 8:00 - 17:00 


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